Our missions to achieve our vision

Provide personalized solutions for students

The times have changed—we need to change with them.
Students deserve learning environments tailored to their needs that also make the most of students’ time with teachers. At Gruzone, our strategy is to innovate personalized solutions that can help unlock a student’s potential.

Currently, ninety-five percent of 12- to 17-year-olds are online regularly. To meet them where they are, Gruzone uses “face-to-face” instruction, along with digital tools, to engage deeply with each and every one of our students. Together, we can provide personalized learning experiences to meet a student’s individual needs.

Empower students to exceed expectations

Only 25 percent of US public high school graduates have the skills necessary to succeed in college.

Gruzone is prepared to equip our teachers and students with high-quality resources to do their best work and to continually improve. It’s not curriculum, technology, or personalized learning that will motivate our students; it’s our passionate teachers learning from other teachers, supported by technology and high standards of expectations.

We at Gruzone are driven by a heart for learning. Our efforts work to spark a hunger to learn, to exceed expectations, and to ultimately reach his or her full potential.

Inspire students AND teachers to change the world

Gruzone strives to elevate our students by elevating the profession of teaching. Our approach is built on RESPECT: Recognition of Educational Success, Professional Excellence, and Collaborative Teaching. We believe strongly in teacher preparation and empowerment with resources to elevate the teaching profession so that we’re attracting the best teachers to inspire our students.