Gruzone Center for Collaborative Learning (Campus locations: Virginia Beach & Yorktown)

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Mastermind Groups

-If you like working with a team, and are seeking opportunities to inspire and to be inspired, a small class will be a great environment for you. Knowing that there are motivated people at our Center for Collaborative Learning can provide additional motivation to continuously strive.

-The questions and discussions in a small class can generate valuable lessons that are otherwise difficult to produce in a lesson plan.

-Valuable and meaningful friendships can be formed to establish a culture of collaborative learning. Students are able to discover the joys of learning, competing, and collaborating.

-We offer a variety of programs specifically to be held in small class settings which include:

• K-6 Core, Middle School Core, Olympiad Programs (IB/AP preparation courses)

• PSAT, SAT I, SAT Subject Tests, ACT, Reading, Writing, Math

“When two or more people coordinate in a spirit of harmony and work toward a definite objective or purpose, they place themselves in position, through the alliance, to absorb power directly from the great storehouse of Infinite Intelligence.”                                                          -Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

According to Jack Canfield, the ideal size of a “mastermind group” is five or six people. Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, and Thomas Edison formed a mastermind group which met at their winter mansions in Fort Myers, Florida. Andrew Carnegie depended heavily on his mastermind group. A small “mastermind group” setting can generate a unique energy on your efforts in the form of knowledge, innovation, introductions, diverse resources, and spiritual energy.

In collaboration with several exceptional members of our faculty, we have developed several intensive programs offered year-round for students who desire opportunities to improve, challenge, and further grow their knowledge in various subjects and curricula. These courses are great complements and supplements to your In-home and mobile tutoring, school classes, and general aptitude.

One of the most common excuses people use to avoid the risks of chasing their dreams is “It’s too late for me. I didn’t start soon enough.” This is simply not true. It’s never too late to do anything. On the flip side, you’re never too young to start. Let us know what you need!