Gruzone Instructors

Ann C.

Portland State University Graduate School of Education

Honors College at Old Dominion University

Ann C. graduated from the Honors College at Old Dominion University with a BA in Spanish and minor in Secondary Education and a minor Biological Sciences. Ann went on to further her studies at Portland State University where Ann received a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Policy and graduate certificate in Teaching Adult Learners. Ann is an experienced instructor and tutor who aims to advise students on identifying and overcoming obstacles to academic success. Her goals are to help students not only meet their goals for SAT/ACT exams, but to instill the skills necessary to succeed in college, in their careers, and beyond. Her passion and research have garnered praise, earning Ann the Honors College Research Grant as well as the opportunity to present at the Virginia Academy of Sciences. With a wealth of experience, Ann’s classroom and 1-on-1 styles are tailored around engaging stories and didactic humor to make learning efficient, effective, and enjoyable.

Rachel S.

Darden College of Education at Old Dominion University, Masters of Science in Kinesiology

Old Dominion University, BS Physical Education with Honors

Rachel S graduated from Old Dominion University with honors with a BS in Physical Education and a Master’s in Kinesiology. Rachel is currently pursuing a PhD in Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science at Old Dominion University.

Rachel comes from a deep family tradition of teachers. Throughout her journey, Rachel has benefited from passionate teachers and tutors to gain inspiration into becoming a passionate and devoted instructor herself. Whether presenting at the American College of Sports Medicine or teaching students, Rachel enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for learning with her students, helping students develop confidence and aptitude for their current and future careers.

Curtis H.

Virginia Tech, BS Physics

Curtis is a talented and passionate instructor with experience teaching students from a variety of backgrounds. Curtis enjoys sharing his enthusiasm in Mathematics and Physics by helping students develop critical thinking and mathematical intuition.

Curtis has a keen eye when it comes to pinpointing misconceptions in his students’ mathematical knowledge and uses focused class discussions and assignments to generate the right understanding. As a result, students are able to achieve simplification of complex math concepts, to apply concepts to everyday life, and to discover interest in the subjects of math and physics.

Samir S..

United States Naval Academy, BS History

Samir is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy with a BS in History. Currently a naval officer, Samir dedicates his time to serve his family, students, communities, and country. In addition, Samir is pursuing a degree in medicine to become a physician in the Navy. His subjects of expertise include SAT Prep, Language Arts, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History, and Spanish.

As our dedicated SAT instructor and tutor with 10 years of experience, Samir excels in empowering students to reach the pinnacle of their skills. The insightful teaching methods he incorporates help students simplify the most daunting and complex challenges. By passionately and patiently working with our students to set and achieve mastery goals, Samir strives to instill in our students confidence and proficiency for their current and future academic careers.

Ida B.

Ida has a deep love of teaching. With a Master’s degree in Anthropology, Ida possesses an infectious passion for learning and teaching the art of communication. She enjoys teaching AP English Literature, AP US History, AP World History, AP European History, SAT Prep, & Social Sciences.

Ida’s goal when teaching or tutoring is to set up victories for her kids. She loves to see students succeed as they engage in critical thinking.

As a vibrant teacher of SAT Reading and Writing at Gruzone, Ida uses her strong communication and analytical skills in combination with her knowledge of the exams to ignite in each student confidence and passion for life-long learning.

Gwenyth M.

Virginia Tech, BS Geography

Gwenyth holds a BA in Geography with Graduate coursework in Teaching and Special Education. She enjoys learning about and teaching students of all cultures and backgrounds.

Gwenyth’s passion is to learn, and her desire is to instill that love for learning in the students she engages with. As someone who once struggled with confidence in school, Gwenyth’s goal is always to create a learning environment that will help to build and to nurture each student's personal confidence. She is passionate about discovering who each student is as an individual and teaching in such a way to help that student reach his or her full potential.

As an instructor and tutor for Gruzone, Gwenyth brings her humor and energy to keep learning feeling fun while also challenging and pushing the students to go a little bit further than they think they can!

Mary F.

Mary attended Fairfield University and now attends nursing school continuously making the Dean’s List. Growing up in a large family, Mary developed a passion for not only learning but teaching. She has an adoration for the sciences including Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, History, and Language Arts.

Mary enjoys assisting her students to perform well with daunting curricula to then help them gain the confidence necessary for long-term success. Her main objective is for students to gain helpful learning skills that they can carry with them into college as well as into their careers. By encouraging students to express concerns or misunderstandings, Mary reassures every individual student that he or she can be a successful, confident, and passionate learner.