In-home and Mobile Tutoring

Rate: as low as $45/hour

Every student is unique.

• The time and location can be flexibly scheduled at your convenience.
• One-on-one lessons can be personalized to address exactly what you want or need.
• The instructor can give you individualized attention and feedback.
• Individualized, personalized learning—and our education technology tools to support it—can potentially provide you a tailored education designed to unlock your potential.

We are now at a crucial juncture, in the climate of innovation, trials, and errors. The emergence of fully-online education has both excited and terrified educators, parents, and students. Online education does indeed provide the means for increased accessibility of curricula that are relevant to learners wherever they are.

However, distance learning (online learning/tutoring) lacks the strong elements that are inherent in face-to-face tutoring: eye contact, parallel visual and gestural information, and context perception.

At Gruzone, we understand both face-to-face and mobile education have individually advantageous qualities, neither able to fully emulate the other. In knowing this, we have designed our services to provide the means for “quality tutor-student interaction” to generate a synergistic spark to the learning process like never before.

Studies by Thomson Learning and Zhao et al. suggest that programs which combine “face-to-face component and technology mediated distance component resulted in the most positive outcomes” with the right mixture of human involvement and technology.

Gruzone’s In-home and Mobile Tutoring service is designed to provide the student opportunities to interactively learn whatever you want, whenever and wherever you want, and most importantly, face-to-face with the best local and online teachers/tutors.

There is no replacement to the artistry of teaching. Face-to-face, we can fully utilize the uniquely human ability to address the needs of the individual student. Technology marches on, but we at Gruzone believe some things must remain fundamental, that is, personalized education.

We at Gruzone have exceptional and experienced teachers/tutors who are passionate in providing our students knowledge, empowerment, and inspiration, all which have helped our students grow to do great things. In addition, we have the technology to further facilitate delivering our services to our students effectively and boundlessly. We at Gruzone understand that one option is not always going to be the best option in every situation.

And so, as with all our services, the choice is always yours. We will make it happen.