Free Assessments (SAT I & SAT Subject Tests, ACT, Math, Writing, Reading)

Testing against the “fluency illusion”

We offer free assessments that identify each student’s specific needs so that we can provide a personalized curriculum. Our goal is to help students excel not only on schoolwork and standardized exams, but also on achieving continuous growth and success.

Gruzone's assessment is not only a measurement tool; it alters what a student remembers and changes how a student then organize knowledge in his or her mind. Indeed, study “aids” and homework assignments can help students remember facts or formulas right now. However, many students and teachers assume that their knowledge of information will remain that way tomorrow or until the day of the test. Unfortunately, students end up underperforming in classes and exams, attributing poor results to “test anxiety” or –too often—stupidity.

The fluency illusion is the primary cause in poor class- and test-performance. Not anxiety. Not bad luck or unfair teachers. Fluency..

The technique we offer to overcome this illusion is this: better testing through testing.

Several studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of this technique. In a 2006 study, Henry L. Roediger, III and Jeffrey D. Karpicke of Washington University in St. Louis found that immediate, well-developed testing promotes better long-term retention than repetition.

We encourage all our students to take advantage our free assessment at no extra charge.